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Every single outfit Beyoncé wears in 'Black is King' film

This week saw the release of Beyoncé’s brand-new film project “Black is King’ on Disney plus. With breath-taking visuals throughout, the movie is a beautiful amalgamation of music, storytelling, culture and fashion. Queen Bey flaunts an impressive 73 looks throughout the film, some for only a matter of seconds, so it would be understandable if some were forgotten about. However, I believe every fashion moment deserves its credit, and for that reason, I have curated a list of every single outfit that the singer appears in throughout the film. Prepare yourself for a lesson in extravagance.

1) The angel

2) The deep blue

3) The cow print

4) The red rope

5) The sparkler

6) The 'more is more'

7) The rainbow stripe

8) The showgirl

9) The Zebra

10) The crystal cape

11) The disco ball

12) The hula hoop

13) The snake charmer

14) The 'all tight white to the funeral'

15) The blink and you'll miss it

16) The MOOD 4 EVA

17) The towel chic

18) The leopard lover

19) The dollar signs

20) The onlooker

21) The animal instinct

22) The tea party

23) The glow in the dark

24) The mood x2

25) The lady of the manor

26) The pool player

27) The casual swimming costume

28) The chess queen

29) The dog walker

30) The neon lights

31) The bodysuit

32) The cow print part 2

33) The minimal monochrome

34) The turquoise

35) The body paint bikini

36) The biker

37) The full floral

38) The flower girl

39) The red on red on red

40) The almost identical

41) The lemonade

42) The HAT

43) The big bowl

44) The mountains of tulle

45) The fuchsia pink

46) The desert dancer

47) The ruffle mania

48) The jeans

49) The sunshine yellow

50) The Naomi

51) The women in white

52) The mermaid

53) The queen of braids

54) The lace look

55) The houndstooth

56) The corset

57) The family portrait

58) The otherside

59) the guardian angel

60) The power suit

61) The crimson red

62) The Picasso

63) The black bird

64) The fire cracker

65) The choir

66) The spirit sleeves

67) The mask

68) The full fringe

69) The puff of pink smoke

70) The midnight blue

71) The black and white stripe

72) The mother

73) The finale

by Oliver Hillman


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