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This is a space of creativity, inspiration and motivation. The Oli Hillman website is an extension of my creative brand as well as of my personal self. Creating has always been my passion and has taken shape in several different forms. My earliest memories are of painting my favourite DVD covers at 4 years old, where I would stand for days at my easel admiring my work. A little older, I’d use any dolls I could get my hand on to change their outfits and photograph them on my family’s old camera, creating sets and themes and carrying out my own miniature photoshoots. Once at secondary school I channelled this creativity into studying Art and Textiles. I loved any excuse to do draw, make and do fashion illustration, and once at GCSE I started styling and carrying out my earliest photoshoots for my projects.


Outside of school, I began experimenting with my own style. When I first began using social media, I quickly took to utilising it as a platform to share my photography and to experiment with styling my own outfits. I have always used Instagram as a platform to share my everchanging and adventurous personal style, as well as a space to research brands and trends and find endless sources of inspiration. In 2017, I extended this onto YouTube, where I began sharing my own videos. Video is always something I found interesting, and endlessly analysed music videos, tv adverts and films, both in my own time and when studying A level media studies. On my channel, I post fashion, travel and lifestyle content in short form videos, and enjoy the process of filming and editing these, from camera angles and lighting to choosing the music. Now, this blog is the next step in expanding my portfolio online. This is somewhere I can share my professional work, both for university studies and for my own personal projects. All of the content is creatively directed, photographed or styled by me.


As an aspiring stylist, I hope this platform will show my originality and creative flair when it comes to fashion styling. My dream is to be on set, styling shoots for some of my favourite brands, working to briefs and curating outfits. I have the excitement of keeping up with the fashion industry, knowing what is in trend, what’s timeless, what’s going on in society, and I feel this is what will make me a successful stylist. In the meantime, you will be able to find professional work on this website, experimentational fashion videos on my YouTube and personal styling images on my Instagram.


Oli Hillman

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